In 1996 Michael Marks and Don Faybrick founded Perennial Software, Inc. after working on software applications for security companies for nearly a decade. Soon thereafter they began the development of SedonaOffice, which was formally introduced in January 2000. Since then the business took on the name of its flagship product, and has been known by SedonaOffice ever since.

Today SedonaOffice employs over 40 full-time employees and continues to provide all development and support services in-house. We pride ourselves on the quality of our team members and are proud that many of our employees’ tenures are in excess of 10 years.

SedonaOffice operates out of two offices. The application development center is located in Plymouth, Michigan while the administrative office is located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. We’ve been asked many times why two offices, simply stated it’s because of family, both Michael and Don had roots in their home towns and neither family desired to relocate. Two offices have proven better than one, as we can hire the best talent based on location and provide redundancy of operations as needed.

Our highly skilled development and integration teams have focused on the security industry, which has allowed us to build solid relationships, providing us with the input from top companies. In fact, a number of elite alarm companies and security systems integrators throughout North America, many of whom are listed in the annual SDM Magazine list of the top 100 security companies, are using SedonaOffice.

Today we are committed more than ever to provide the best-in-class software solutions for security companies. Over the past 15 years we have seen many changes to the security industry and we foresee many changes to come. That’s why we pride ourselves on staying on the leading edge of technology and continuously evolving the SedonaOffice solution to meet our clients needs.

Having served the security industry for more than a decade, we’ve seen a lot of changes. But as the industry changes, SedonaOffice has evolved and will continue to do so to serve our customers. We pride ourselves in our ability to stay ahead of the latest technologies and services.

Mission and Values

Our mission at SedonaOffice is to provide our customers with superior products and outstanding customer service. Our goal is simple: satisfaction of our customers. To achieve this goal, we have and will continue to create an environment that encourages, empowers, challenges and nurtures our employees so that they can work to their greatest potential and best serve our customers.

Our business practices, decisions and policies will be based on a shared system of values and beliefs. We will be guided by these principles in our interactions with each other, with our customers, and within our community.

We value intellect and innovation and those who are eager to explore, question, challenge and be challenged. We will embrace new technology, maximizing its potential in our company and for our customers.

Each individual will take responsibility for practicing and promoting the values and beliefs of


SedonaOffice in all activities. We will view our jobs and our day-to-day workplace challenges within the larger context of our families, our community, and our lives.

In all of these things, we will maintain a relaxed and positive atmosphere of enjoyment of our work, our accomplishments, and each other.