Our customers say it best…

"SedonaOffice is the total solution and the best accounting, job cost, service management and customer relationship management system for security companies. SedonaOffice provided a great platform from which we could build. Using SedonaOffice’s open database architecture we have developed custom reports, daily dashboards, collection tools and a commission calculation program. We now have information each day of the month so we know where we stand on key metrics in real time – no more waiting until the end of the month!”"
John Cerasuolo, President
ADS Security, Nashville, TN
"SedonaOffice is one of the best purchases that The Protection Bureau has made in years. It has given us better control of the operation of our company and is a perfect fit for systems integrators. We highly recommend SedonaOffice."
J. Matthew Ladd, President and COO
Karen Baker, Senior Vice President
The Protection Bureau, Exton, PA
"We found that the investment we made in SedonaOffice has paid for itself many times over. SedonaOffice is one of the best things we’ve done for our business. In fact, I can’t think of running my business without SedonaOffice now."
Tim Creenan, CEO
Amherst Alarm, Amherst NY
"SedonaOffice has revolutionized the way we do business, creating new efficiencies and allowing our team to serve our customers better and faster. The guidance provided by SedonaOffice during the implementation phase provided all of our departments (from administration, accounting, sales and marketing, to our field operation and inventory teams) with enormous insight into our business operations and the opportunity to improve our processes."
Steve Firestone, Executive Vice President
Select Security
"Operating multiple branch offices and maintaining accurate financial information for each of our locations is essential to managing our business. Using the SedonaOffice branch-reporting feature, we can determine the profitability of each of our branch offices, including each operating department, such as services installation and our monitoring center."
Garth Wheeler, Controller
Peak Alarm
"Our business is growing at a very fast rate, so we need robust systems and access to our data in order to maintain our growth. Without SedonaOffice our business wouldn’t be able to expand and we wouldn’t have the tools to effectively manage our growth and continue with efficient day-to-day operations for our existing clients."
James Orvis, President
Security Solutions
"We’re using nearly every SedonaOffice module, add-on module and business partners. SedonaOffice gives our business the analytical tools of competitors ten times our size. This allows us to win more business and service our customers better than our competition. We’re continuously looking at how to make our company more efficient, and SedonaOffice offers us the features to reach our goals."
Michael Ash, President
Garden State Fire & Security
"With over 50,000 customers, we need to have confidence in our accounting systems. Our business can’t afford to miss a beat. We process hundreds of thousands of transactions a month, including invoices, electronic payments, cash receipts, service tickets and collection calls, so we need a system that can perform, respond and grow with us. SedonaOffice is that system. SedonaOffice has allowed us to triple our business over the past three years."
Amy Kothari, President
Alarm Capital Alliance
"When Superstorm Sandy hit in November 2012 we were concerned about the impact on our business and our customers of likely power and data outages in the Northeast. We quickly moved to SedonaBackup and began operating live through the backup servers provided by SedonaOffice. Other operations were moved temporarily to our MidCentral Datacenter, but with SedonaBackup we were able to stay efficiently online with SedonaOffice from our locations in 9 states throughout the event until data services and power was restored and stable. We were really pleased with the speed that the SedonaOffice team was able to help us achieve our plan."
Drew Chernoy, Chief Executive Officer
Scarsdale Security
"I love that I can access SedonaCloud from any location. We’ve become more efficient as a business because we can get our work done whenever and wherever we need to. "
Judi Perrill, Vice President
United Security Systems
"As a start-up company, we need solutions that fit in our budget and poise us for growth. With no need for in-house IT, continuous support from Astute, and nightly database backups, SedonaCloud has been the best choice we have made so far."
Cynthia Shannon, President
Max Security
"Daily SedonaSync automatically sends out reminders on outstanding invoices to our customers, distributes reports to our salespeople and advises technicians of their schedule. Through these examples and others our overall efficiency and communications have been improved with very little work on our end."
Dan Santos, Projects Manager
Security ONE Alarm Systems
"SedonaWeb has allowed us to improve our web presence and gives our clients yet another way to interface with our company. Whether paying their invoice or updating their credit card information, our clients can perform these tasks on their schedule and without our intervention."
Brian Weatherford, CET, Vice President
Multiguard Corporation
"Using SedonaDocs to access client histories as well as notes made on every interaction with them lets our customers know we are on top of things."
Jeremy Bates, General Manager
Bates Security LLC
"In July, I came into the office to find a SQL Server that had 2 drives fail out of 3 (not common). Normally, I would get really stressed, but this time I just called SedonaOffice. Immediately, the SedonaOffice team started working on getting us up and running remotely on their servers using our files from SedonaBackup. We have 11 users and our remote connection worked very well. We didn't lose any data. If we had been doing only in-house backups we would have had a lot more down time and a lot more stress. The service is well worth the money."
Donnetta Byrd, Chief Financial Officer
Security One
"The Field Service Unit has been really fantastic. It’s helped our service technicians be more efficient, take better care of customers and get better at putting in notes. We can process tickets faster and get them closed. It’s made a really big change in our business."
Melissa Brinkman, Chief Operating Officer
Custom Alarm