Perennial Software Goes West with New Hire

Chagrin Falls, OH (December 01, 2016) – Perennial Software ( announces that industry veteran, Bob Esquerra, has joined the company as the SedonaOffice Implementation Director. Esquerra’s professional background includes 17 years of experience as a SedonaOffice user, giving him a unique, first-hand perspective on customers’ needs as they transition to the software.  As a California … Continued

First Annual Synergy Conference

The first annual Synergy Conference was held at the Downtown Cleveland Hilton on September 25th-27th.  Co-hosted by Perennial Software and Bold Technologies, the event included a networking reception on Sunday night, followed by a one-day program of sessions on Monday.  Highlights from the day included a special presentation by Rob Scanlon entitled, “An Outsider’s Look … Continued

Next Stop: Success

The road to business success is a rough one.  Competition is at an all time high, and there seem to be new road blocks popping up no matter what industry you’re in.  Technology is evolving at top speed, and with these changes, businesses everywhere have to swerve and stop short more than ever… So, what … Continued

2016 SedonaOffice Bootcamp is a Success

Bootcamp isn’t just for the military (or your morning workout class) anymore! SedonaOffice Bootcamp, 2016 was in full swing earlier this month, where our Users got in shape to keep up with SedonaOffice and everything it has to offer.  If you joined us for the event, thanks for coming! We loved having you! If you … Continued

We Are the Champions!

June 30, 2016 OK, I have to start off by bragging a little (or maybe a lot).  After 52 years, we finally won a championship in Cleveland.  If you know me, you know I’m a huge sports fan, and winning a championship is something special.  It is everything I hoped it would be and more. … Continued

3 Things Every Company Should Look for in a Software Solution

November 11, 2015 Financial reporting and operations management can be the biggest challenge for many security companies, particularly smaller and mid-sized businesses. For a lot of companies, if there’s enough money in the checking account to make payroll, pay the bills and still have some left over, then it’s a good day. A better approach … Continued

I am Captain Kirk

January 26, 2015
I’ve been challenged, and I love a good challenge. If you’ve been in the alarm industry from more than a day or two, then you obvious know Ron Davis. If you don’t know Ron, than I suggest you get out more and get to know Ron. Whether you like Ron or not, that’s a matter for another discussion, most likely over a couple beers. While most people like Ron, there may be a few that don’t. To me that’s a great sign of someone’s character, because if everybody likes you, than you’re probably not sharing your opinion too much. And if you know Ron, you know he’s one to never shy away from a conversation and say what’s on his mind. So why do I bring up Ron, because he challenged me.