To the SedonaOffice Community:

I’m often asked by our customers, “Why should I attend the SedonaOffice Users Conference – what’s in it for me?”  It’s a good question, and one that deserves to be addressed.  So, in the event that you, too, share this curiosity, here is my best response.

While there are many reasons to attend the SOUC – the education, the networking, the business partners, the SedonaLab, the speakers, and the fun – let’s put all that aside for now and discuss what everyone really wants to know: “What does this event offer to noticeably improve the health and success of my business?” To that question, my answer is simple: The SedonaOffice Users Conference provides the Next Chapter.

…Confused? Just keep reading.

For businesses, concern for the Next Chapter should be obvious, yet the concept is consistently ignored – not by intention, but rather by failure to take the time to re-invest in their most valuable assets. At the end of the day, we’re talking about the million-dollar question (both figuratively and, likely, literally): What. Comes. Next? And that, my friends, is your Next Chapter.

Right now, you are comfortably situated in the Current Chapter of your business. This part of the story is full of success, and you’ve probably been reading it for quite a while. But what happens when the last page finally arrives and you’re faced with uncertain plot twists ahead? Where does your organization’s narrative go from there?

Though I cannot provide that answer for you, I can tell you what I know for sure. Technology is changing at a speed we’ve never before experienced. It’s Moore’s Law in action; this pace will accelerate exponentially as time goes on. For businesses, this means complacency is no longer an option. You’re either growing or you’re dying. It’s as simple as that.

The most powerful companies in the industry have already written their Next Chapters, and it’s no surprise that they are the same organizations that attend the SOUC year after year. The SedonaOffice Users Conference brings together some of security’s greatest minds to discuss the industry – both present and future – in a way no other event dares address it. SedonaOffice does not shy away from change. We come together, as a community, to embrace it and lift each other up.

Before signing off, I’ll leave you with this. The SOUC is designed to enable all of our Users to write their own Next Chapters. When you join us in San Francisco, the SedonaOffice Family will be there to help you examine, build, and refine yours. That’s “what’s in it” for you.


See you there,

Michael Marks
Co-Founder, Perennial Software


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