July, 2016

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To say that Beacon Protection Group, a Totowa, New Jersey based security company founded in 2013, is growing rapidly would be an understatement.

The five-year-old business began as what Co-Owner, Robert DeGennaro, depicts as a “no-name operation with no marketing money,” but it quickly shed that distinction when business took off, creating an industry powerhouse seemingly overnight.  Today, Beacon Protection holds the title of 4th fastest growing security company in the nation and has posted a 3-year growth rate of 140%, according to the most recent edition of the SD&I “Fast 50” List.

Despite its swift expansion, DeGennaro makes it clear he wants to retain the small business feel his company has always provided when he says, “We are a family-based business that prides itself on providing security solutions—not just selling product.  We try to provide boutique service to our customers.  We still want to be that local small business with good service, but operate like a large company.”  For any rapidly expanding organization, however, finding balance between individualized customer service and effective management of a large operation is a difficult task.  One thing that helps Beacon Protection Group successfully achieve its dichotomic business goals is the use of powerful financial reporting software, SedonaOffice.

An important way Beacon Protection continues to provide top-notch service is its ability to listen and adapt to clients’ needs.  DeGennaro notes that, in commercial spaces specifically, there is an increasing demand to monitor facilities, temperature, HVAC and other systems from offsite.  He says, “More and more customers want to be able to remotely monitor their businesses through Total Connect services.  They want to be able to view activity via an app, lock doors remotely, and monitor the comings and goings of their employees.  That’s the biggest trend in the security industry today, and we’ve been providing the service since we started in 2013.”

Staying steps ahead of emerging trends plays a key role in Beacon Protection’s success, but the resulting notoriety is another challenge to the “small business with boutique service” model DeGennaro desires.  Luckily, the use of SedonaOffice helps the company operate with “lean and mean” efficiency, enabling it to address customers’ needs.

Since adopting the software in July of 2015, SedonaOffice has offered Beacon Protection Group the tools to make positive changes to its structure.  DeGennaro identifies increased synergy between offices as one of the most important examples. He says, “SedonaOffice has really helped all our offices work together as one rather than as three, individual profit centers. Through the program, people are able to perform separate functions in separate offices, therefore removing the redundancy of job functions in each one.”

Another exciting benefit is the managerial freedom DeGennaro has found as a result of the program.  Though he spends an estimated six hours a day in the software, he expects the time to diminish when he finds himself no longer in “setup mode.”  As he takes on more and more of SedonaOffice’s offerings, he strives to ensure that nothing gets away from him as he continues to learn and subsequently grow his company.  With satisfaction, he notes that the time spent in the program is more than offset by his newfound ability to delegate some of his previous, time-consuming duties, such as operations and sales, to others with the help of the software.

Though it has many advantages, SedonaOffice, first and foremost, helps manage the organization’s financials by providing services, reports, metrics and analyses that keep Beacon Protection Group moving forward.  The most significant metric to date is the business’ payback, which has dropped approximately two months since the system’s implementation.  Providing services to primarily high volume businesses, the standard payback of Beacon’s segment of the industry is 28 or 29 months, and the use of SedonaOffice has allowed the organization to dip significantly below that number.

Since its establishment only three years ago, Beacon Protection group has shown impressive and unyielding growth.  Perhaps more impressively, the company has been able to consistently deliver excellent customer service, regardless of its ever-increasing size.  With the help of SedonaOffice to automate and manage everyday tasks, Co-Owner, Robert DeGennaro, is able to take a holistic approach to managing his business.  With a clear mission and the freedom to focus on what matters, Beacon Protection Group’s momentum will inevitably continue to increase as it advances with unlimited potential.