March 2016

Linked-In-JustinDriven by a passion for stopping crime, Gary Owen launched a company called Owen Detectron from his home in Calhoun, Georgia, more than 40 years ago.

Now known as Owen Security, the company has grown into one of the largest security systems companies in Georgia – and one of the largest privately held security companies in the entire U.S. Incredibly, this growth has come without the company making a single acquisition in its four-decade history.

With a focus on security, fire alarm, access control and video systems, Owen Security provides installation, service and monitoring to homes and businesses across northwest Georgia, an area that includes Atlanta.

Given the size of its customer base, Owen Security faced a number of challenges with its financial management software, and often required support from the provider. Unfortunately, the time it took to receive that much-needed support was unacceptable, says Justin Owen, president of Owen Security.

“If we had a problem or an issue, we’d call and leave a message, and they might call back the next day,” he says.

Further complicating the situation was the fact that the software wasn’t well-integrated with QuickBooks, which Owen Security used for financial reporting. As a result of these problems, the company began looking for a new system and after evaluating the options, implemented SedonaOffice – The #1 Financial Software for Security Companies. In addition to receiving drastically improved support, SedonaOffice serves as a single solution that provides the functionality previously provided by two separate systems.

“SedonaOffice brought it all into one world and ties everything in together,” Owen says. “Their team does a great job and has always been very responsive to our needs. We’ve never had a moment where we don’t get a response quickly.”

Since implementing SedonaOffice, Owen Security has been better able to track and manage its financials, whether from a high level or based on very specific criteria.

“It allows us to keep a better eye on our cash flow and where we are with certain revenues. It’s also great for drilling down for an in-depth look at revenues at certain times, for certain types of jobs, by department – pretty much anything we would want to know,” Owen says.

Owen says using the cloud-based version of SedonaOffice was attractive at first because it didn’t require the hefty up-front investment of an on-site solution, just a monthly charge. And over time, that feature has proven to be a huge benefit for the company.

“I love the fact that I can access the system from anywhere. I don’t have to take my computer home and remote in to the server anymore. It’s very stable and very fast,” Owen says. “And because everything is stored in the cloud rather than on site, there’s no big database file to bog down our server. As our customer base continues to grow and the files get bigger, we’ll still have that peace of mind.”

The company has also taken advantage of the benefits of the third-party billing and check-processing functions provided within SedonaOffice.

“We no longer physically print and mail invoices or manually process our ACH payments. It makes more sense for us to have SedonaOffice partners handle those tasks, which we can do right from the software,” Owen says. “It’s very efficient and eliminates a lot of internal labor and distractions, and frees up our people to work with customers and close sales.”

To other security companies who face challenges with their current software solution or provider but may be hesitant to make a switch, Owen’s advice echoes the Nike slogan: just do it.

“Nobody wants to change if they don’t have to, but SedonaOffice has been one of the best investments we’ve made as a company,” Owen says.