September, 2016

Peak Alarm OfficeThe success of Salt Lake City based monitoring company, Peak Alarm, is undeniable.

Growing steadily since its founding in 1969, what began as a small local operation has evolved to become one of the security industry’s most dominant forces and a key player in the audiovisual market.  With an ever-increasing customer base spanning four states and counting, the use of a powerful business management solution to maximize efficiency and streamline operations is a necessity.  For this, Peak Alarm relies on SedonaOffice, the number one financial software for security companies.

Peak Alarm understands that effective business management begins with effective business measurement.  By analyzing data reported by SedonaOffice, the company is able to make informed business decisions to optimize growth.  While the organization’s success is very much its own, Peak Alarm CFO, Fred Johnson, acknowledges the integral role SedonaOffice data has played in the expansion.  He explains, “Since we started using SedonaOffice, our business has doubled.  I’m not saying it has been the sole cause for the growth, but we certainly wouldn’t know that we’ve grown that much without it.”

Since its implementation, SedonaOffice has improved Peak Alarm operations in several key areas, one of the most vital being account management.  Using the software, the company easily pinpoints customers due for rate increases and applies changes with the push of a button—a task Johnson notes he can complete from any location in under three minutes due to the product’s remote functionality.

Another place in which SedonaOffice reporting has proved beneficial to Peak Alarm is attrition.  Cancellations are an inevitable reality in RMR industries, and to reach its 10% annual growth goal, it is imperative to minimize loss and maximizes sales. With the help of SedonaOffice, the business can identify net attrition and its causes.  After a careful analysis of information gathered by the software, Peak Alarm took the initiative to assemble a diverse retention team to combat attrition.  Today, their efforts help save the company an average of 10,000 dollars per year.  Additionally, the data has helped reshape the business’ sales process, resulting in a three percent increase in close rates and alleviating the prior need to micromanage procedures.

Through hard work, business savvy, and excellent customer care, Peak Alarm has become the financially successful, rapidly growing organization it is today.  And, with the use of SedonaOffice’s powerful features and functionalities, it is poised to continue that trend.  From simplifying account tracking, to providing attrition analyses, to streamlining sales, SedonaOffice’s contributions have not gone unnoticed by the Peak Alarm organization, especially Johnson.

“It is incredibly rare that a software can do accounting and customer management.  It has really become how we run our entire business,” he says. “We couldn’t run our business without SedonaOffice, so it’s hard to express exactly how much it has impacted us.”

SedonaOffice congratulates Peak Alarm on its recent ranking on the 2017 SDM100 List and looks forward to supporting the company as it continues to climb higher on the ladder of ultimate industry success. Visit Peak Alarm’s website for more information.