March, 2016

SECURITY ONE LOGO - NEW 2006 (1)Five years ago, Security One, a well-known Windsor, Ontario based security company, found itself in need of an efficient and environmentally friendly business management solution.

Tired of wasting time and resources, Projects Manager, Dan Santos, began the search for a software to maximize production while streamlining operations.   When he came across SedonaOffice, the number one financial software for security companies, the pairing was ideal because of the two organizations’ similar goals and philosophies.

Security One has increased productivity and continued on the path to optimal success using the program’s capabilities.  The company now alerts customers, sends invoices and service tickets, and tracks aging and accounts payable automatically, relieving the burden of completing the tasks manually.

Additionally, built-in email notifications help Security One continue its environmentally conscious initiatives by eliminating the necessity of printed invoices and records.  Utilizing another feature, the company converts existing, hard copy documents to digital versions, setting a precedent for a completely paper-free future.  Not only is the practice environmentally friendly, but also eliminates clutter and makes material easier to find.  This timesaving process increases efficiency and allows Security One to better care for its customers.

Though the company was initially drawn to the product based on its innovative features, the continued positive relationship between Security One Alarm and SedonaOffice can be credited to the fact that the two companies are progressing parallel to each other.

When speaking of the partnership, Dan Santos makes the point by saying, “We’re in sync.  We’re kind of in the same cycle of our businesses.  So SedonaOffice is trying to look to the future and perceive what we are going to want in a product and we are looking at a future where technicians become less wire pullers and more technical IT people.  SedonaOffice gets that. They have a great structure. It’s going to be exciting and kind of fun to see the direction they take as they grow.”