May, 2016

David Wilson Wilson Security

Wilsons Security of Nova Scotia, Canada believes in best practices.

As the organization’s owner, David Wilson, says, “If you’re going to do something, you need to be good at it, or don’t bother.  It is important to buy the best of breed in your industry to run your company as effectively as possible.”

Therefore, when he decided to expand the family’s eight-generations-old fuel company into the security industry, it was important to identify the best business management tools in the field.  After consulting top security industry professionals, it became clear that SedonaOffice was not only the number one financial software for security companies, but would also prove to be an important asset to Wilson’s new venture.

In the company’s effort to create a strong presence in the security world, SedonaOffice was one of the pillars around which they created the rest of their now thriving operation.  When talking about the benefits of the software, Wilson states, “SedonaOffice has been the backbone supporting the growth of our company. When we purchased SedonaOffice five years ago, we had six employees and 1,500 monitored customers. We now have over 7,500 monitored sites across Canada with 43 employees. We have also purchased accounts from over 15 different companies. Wilsons simply could not have managed this growth without a robust, industry specific platform like SedonaOffice.”

Wilson goes on to discuss its impacts by saying, “The product has helped Wilsons Security understand our business metrics by shining a light on ways to streamline daily practices to increase revenue and profitability.  The discipline of capturing accurate and timely information and feeding the data back to our employees has allowed us to understand where and how we can improve margins. Before SedonaOffice, we were always surprised when we missed our targets. Now, with help from the best practices adopted from the SedonaOffice community combined with constant investment in our SedonaOffice setup, we have easily improved our gross margins by 20%.”  He also notes that his processes have been greatly impacted by the help of SedonaOffice partners, such as WeSuite and Vivid Reports, whose services combine with SedonaOffice to help the business make informed quotes, resulting in optimized profits.

Looking to the future of the company’s pairing with the software, Wilson finds it compelling that SedonaOffice is keeping pace with advancing technology and noting emerging industry trends as it builds its architecture for the upcoming years. This is especially apparent with the integration of SedonaCloud, which allows users to access the product from anywhere as opposed to hosting their own server in one location.  Acknowledging the effort his company is willing to put forth to remain up to date with the security software he says, “Having the resources to maintain and support a platform that’s as complex as SedonaOffice is a challenge, so the more that we can simplify those things and get those powerful capabilities, the better off we are.  But it is all well worth the time it takes.”

In summation of his thoughts on Wilsons Security’s partnership with the product, he continues, “Our company’s decision to use SedonaOffice is really about best practice. We thought ‘if you have a blank slate in front of you, how would you choose to use it to make sure that your business is as successful as possible?’ You clearly want to do it the way that the best companies are doing it.” For Wilsons Security, the answer is SedonaOffice.