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December, 2016

As 2016 finally comes to a close, we at SedonaOffice have taken some time to pause and reflect on all that’s happened over the last 12 months. This was a year of change if we’ve ever seen one. From our company to our country to the world around us, nothing went untouched by the events—good, bad, happy, sad, hilarious, somber, fruitful or costly—of this wild ride around the sun.

Perhaps the greatest thing about the close of a chapter is the promise of a new, unwritten story ahead.  For businesses, if 2016 was the year of change, then we believe 2017 will be the year of opportunity. Now is the time to ask yourself, “How do we grow, innovate, and work to shape the future of our industry?” then get out there and do it.  There is no better moment to take that leap, follow that hunch, or put that plan into action, and we look forward to supporting you every step of the way.

Comdata x SedonaOffice Virtual MasterCard

Pay vendors. Generate revenue.

Perennial Software and Comdata have partnered to create a Virtual MasterCard integrated with SedonaOffice. Built directly into the application, the virtual credit card enables you to quickly and securely pay vendors without the hassle of writing a paper check. Best of all, it actually allows you to earn revenue on your Accounts Payable spending.

Comdata’s integration with SedonaOffice lets you to take advantage of virtual credit cards without changing your current Accounts Payable process and workflow. Wondering how virtual credit card generates revenue? Since the payments go through the MasterCard network, you can earn money by spending, similar to consumer reward cards.

Want to learn more? Read the Comdata User Guide or speak with their representatives at the SOUC 2017.

Before configuring or using the Comdata integration in SedonaOffice, you must contact your Comdata representative to obtain account credentials and establish your Comdata approved vendor listing. Once you have these items, you can configure and use the integration. If you do not have a representative, call Comdata at (800) 833-8640 for more information.


Hey SOUC 2017 Attendees! App Launches January 4th

Everything you need to make this conference the best one yet.

This app is the key to all things SOUC! With one simple download, you’ll have access to the information you need to make the most of your SedonaOffice Users Conference experience.

In the spirit of environmental consciousness (and a shortage of ink), the SOUC 2017 App will be the only way to access important event details—so don’t forget to download!

*i.e. there will be no paper handouts—we repeat—no paper handouts

SOUC 2017 App Features include:

  • Education Track Guide
  • Daily Schedule
  • Conference Specials
  • Speakers
  • Hotel Map
  • Wi-Fi Password
  • Restaurant Info
  • Transportation Info
  • Attire Guide
  • A lot of other important stuff 

Look out for an email announcing the app’s official release along with instructions for what to do next on Wednesday, January 4th.

SOUC 2017 | January 22-25 | Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort

Special Congrats to Electric Guard Dog


This month, Electric Guard Dog was named 2016 Dealer of the Year by SDM Magazine!

Founded: 1973
Headquartered: Columbia, SC
Number of Employees: 104
Number of Customers: 3,500
Revenue: $32.3 million
RMR: $2.9 million
SDM 100 2015 Rank: 22nd

Josh Patterson


Perennial Software,
Data Conversion Specialist

Start Date: 12/07/2016
What do you love about your job? 
I really value my co-workers. Not only are they exceedingly capable in their respective areas, but they are also willing to share their expertise with me.  I love learning new skills, so every day is different and exciting, and I feel very at home here. Being able to work on a variety of different projects involving our databases (I’m a true “Big Data” junkie) has been amazing—I cannot wait to keep growing and contributing.


What is one super fun fact about you?
My “normal” hobbies include playing tennis, cooking and baking. But more uniquely, I spend a lot of time purchasing and playing board games—my personal collection is up to about 500!

Retained Earnings Account Adjustments

Within SedonaOffice, there is always one GL account setup as the company’s Retained Earnings account.  This account has special properties, and manual journal entries may not be made to this account.  The Retained Earnings account automatically generates its account balance by bringing forward the prior year’s net income.

If your CPA requests that a journal entry be made against the Retained Earnings account, it will be necessary to setup a new General Ledger Distributions account with an account type of DIST (Distribution) and make the journal entry using that account instead of the Retained Earnings account.

Chart of Accounts Edit

The Distributions account, just like the prior year’s Net Income will automatically adjust its balance at the end of the fiscal year to the Retained Earning account.  The Distribution account clears its balance each fiscal year just like Net Income.

In the example below, we see a Distribution entry of $-100,000.00 made from a journal entry.  This is actually a debit entry as the Equity section of the Balance Sheet normally carries a credit balance.  In this case, a distribution was made of $100,000.00.  We can see the current Retained Earnings amount and the Net Income for the fiscal year.


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