SedonaOffice Newsletter

February 28, 2017

Welcome to the first SedonaOffice Newsletter of 2017! This quarterly bulletin is here to help you stay up to date with all things SedonaOffice and provide industry-specific interesting reads to keep you in the know.

Whether you’re looking for helpful tips & tricks from our trusty trainers, want to learn more about upcoming trade shows and events, or simply enjoy seeing what other successful SedonaOffice companies are doing to stay on top, it’s all right here. So, scroll through to see what’s new!

15th Annual SedonaOffice Users Conference Recap

SOUC 2017 Reveals Future Vision

Changes in technology and increasing customer demands leave no room for complacency for SedonaOffice, the leading security industry financial and business management software. The 2017 SedonaOffice Users Conference (SOUC) provided a purview of what is on the horizon.

Perennial Software co-founders, Don Faybrick and Michael Marks, opened up the conference with the annual State of SedonaOffice address to over 400 attendees representing over 150 companies. Plans were revealed on how Perennial Software will be addressing the rapidly changing technology landscape.

“Our client and their customers are demanding new ways to interact with each other,” said Marks. “We have developed a technology roadmap using web and mobile applications that will revolutionize the way security companies service their clientele.”

Want more conference highlights? Read the full SOUC 2017 Press Release

Sneek Peek: SOUC 2018


In case you missed the big news…

SOUC 2018 Location:
San Francisco, California
Venue: Hyatt Regency San Fransisco
Dates: January 21st – 24th
Party Theme: Now accepting requests!

Mark your calendars and get excited, cause it’s never too early to start California Dreamin!

ISC West 2017

April 4th – 7th | Las Vegas NV

It’s almost time for ISC West 2017! As always, we can’t wait to see so many SedonaOffice Users all in one place—especially if that place is sunny Las Vegas.  Make sure to stop by and say ‘Hi!’ to the Perennial Software team in Bassano 2602 and on the show floor in Booth 19135. While you’re there, you can even check out our latest and greatest products. Watch your Inbox for more announcements regarding ISC West.

Still need to register or simply want to learn more?
Click for information on the event

Apply for the 2017 SDM 100 and Top Systems Integrators Reports

Submissions due on or before Friday, March 3rd.

SedonaOffice is proud to serve more SDM 100 companies than any other financial software solution in the industry—and we want to see even more of our Users make the cut in 2017. The application deadline is Friday, March 3rd (only four days away), so hurry up and submit those qualification forms. Best of luck to all!

Click for more information on the SDM 100 Report
Click for more information on the SDM Top Systems Integrators Report

Download the 2017 SDM Qualification Form

Special Edition Customer Highlight:
SOUC App Participation Awards!


At this year’s SedonaOffice Users Conference, hundreds of knowledge-seeking, fun-loving attendees took the time to participate in the SOUC 2017 App. Between signing up for classes, networking with other industry professionals and posting countless extremely entertaining photos, everyone seemed to find their own way to engage. However, a few people really went above and beyond (check out their super high activity scores below), and they definitely deserve a shoutout. So without further ado, congrats to our SOUC 2017 App Leaderboard Top Five:

1) Joe Castro, Hoffman Security – 1,989 Points
2) Gloria Simoni, B-Safe Inc. – 1,935 Points
3) Kimberly Aase, SEi – 928 Points
4) Lisa Clute, Amherst Alarm Inc. – 766 Points
5) Len Simoni, B-Safe Inc. – 612 Points

Thanks for helping make the conference so special…and insanely fun!

Wayne O’Keefe


Customer Support Specialist
Start Date: 02/01/2017

What has been your favorite part of joining the SedonaOffice Team? 
Getting to work with such talented people.  Joining the SedonaOffice team has been like being brought up from the minor league and getting a chance to play in the majors with the pros.  I’m kind of a data analyst at heart (a.k.a. data junkie), so working with people like Matt Howe building dashboards and reports is a dream come true.

What do you love about your job so far?
For years… oh boy it’s been like 18 years now… I’ve truly enjoyed helping other SedonaOffice Users that I’ve met at events like the SedonaOffice Users Conferences and Boot Camps get the most out of the system.  It could be something as simple as a report or sync, or as complex as an alternative way of using the software.  Now I get to do that as a full-time job, how cool is that?!


What is one super fun fact about you?
I’m a travel addict – not just any kind of travel, mind you – I am a true loyal fan of the old fashion family road trip.  We’ve been known to just grab the kids, pack up the car and hit the open road for a weekend, or even a week or two with no real agenda or plan.  I’m the type that when someone says, “Hey where do you want to go for dinner?” I reply, “Texas!” and mean it.  Hey…the Big Texan Steak Ranch is only 18 hours away.

Credit Off Invoices

Sometimes when customers short pay, you can end up with a collection of mostly paid invoices that still carry a balance of a few pennies. It may not be worth a collection call to try to get the leftover five cents. Rather than letting these invoices hang open or crediting them off one by one, you can credit them all at once using the Credit Off Invoices feature.

  1. Credit Off Invoices is designed to search your database for all invoices that match your criteria, and then credit them all off at once. To use this feature:
  2. Go to Accounts Receivable – Credit Off Invoices
  3. Use the Invoice Selection column to select what type of invoices you want to credit. In the example below the user has selected to credit off all invoices dated 12/31/2016 or earlier, that have a balance left of five cents or less.
  4. Use the Posting Info column to select when, what account, and what category you want the credits to hit. In this example the user has chosen to create the credits as of 12/31/2016 and have them hit the Other Income account with a General and Administrative Category.
  5. Add a memo if desired.
  6. Hit the green arrow to find invoices. You have the option of unchecking the box on any invoice listed that you may not want to credit.
  7. The total amount of all invoices that meet your criteria and the total of all invoices that you have checked displays on the left below the Invoice Selection.
  8. Once you have made your selections simply hit save and all of the checked invoices will be credited off.