We are pleased to announce the integration of ADI with SedonaOffice is now available to our customers. The integration streamlines the purchase order data entry within  SedonaOffice. You can even download the PDF of the ADI bill directly into  SedonaDocs.

Note: ADI Integration requires SedonaOffice v5.7.012 or higher.

If you are interested in signing up for the integration please complete the steps below:


Contact your ADI Sales or Branch Manager to begin the process. If you do not know your local branch call (800) 233-6261.

You will also need to download and complete the SedonaOffice ADI Agreement.pdf below which details terms and conditions. Send the completed form to KathyC@PerennialSoftware.com.

Download SedonaOffice ADI Agreement.pdf here.


ADI will send you credentials via email. These will need to be entered into  SedonaOffice. This will be covered with you during setup and training.


Email integrationADI@SedonaOffie.com to request your Activation Key. Be sure to include your ADI customer number.


SedonaOffice will reach out to you with next steps.

Click here to review the ADI Integration Reference Guide.