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RMR at Risk

The RMR at Risk Report is designed to print Active Recurring amounts where customers are past due in a particular aging bucket.  The past due amounts printed include all invoice types.

This report has a branch option; if multiple branches are selected, a new report will print for each unique branch.

Once the desired options have been selected, press the Preview button to display the report in print preview mode.

Report Selections

Branch - The default is to display data for All Branches.  If the data for only certain Branches is desired, the User may highlight the first Branch, then depress the CTRL key and highlight additional Branches within the list.

·      Hide Inactive Branches - If data is not to be listed for inactive Branches, select this option.

·      Break out by Branch - If this option is selected, a new page will begin with each unique Branch.  Totals are printed after all data is printed for a Branch.  The last page of the report will print Totals by Branch and a Grand Total for all Branches.

Days Past Due - Select the A/R Aging Bucket from the drop-down list.

Sort By - The report default is to sort by Customer Number.  Other sorting option available is Customer Site.


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