Parts Updater Tutorial – August 13, 2018

This video tutorial and help document (linked below) provide a comprehensive guide to Part Updater 11.8.7!

Parts Updater Help Document


SedonaDashboard & Analytics 2.0 – May 15, 2018

This SedonaSeminar reviews basics of the SedonaDashboard 2.0 interface, ways to utilize pre-made visualizations, and how to optimize YOUR SedonaDashboard by creating custom visual queries. A step-by-step demo makes the process fun and easy!



SedonaSync from Start to Finish – May 1, 2018

This SedonaSeminar demonstrates best practices for utilizing SedonaSync, showcases the power of event customization, and explores additional ways to maximize your SedonaSync experience using OPT Web Services.

Supplementary OPT Presentations & Resources


ADI Integration – April, 2018

A live, highly interactive demonstration of the integration between ADI and SedonaOffice, including a step-by-step walkthrough with real questions from a SedonaOffice User.



Support Secrets: Job Costing – November 16, 2017

This SedonaSeminar, led by SedonaOffice Support Specialist, JessLynn Lupo, breaks down the Job Costing process into three easy steps: recording, tracking, and reporting. View PowerPoint Here



Exploring eForms – November 2, 2017

A step-by-step demonstration of all things eForms. From login to template creation to sending your first eForm (and more), this seminar is designed to showcase the power of electronic contracts. Creating proposals, collecting signatures, and organizing customer documents is easy with eForms.



Tips, Tricks & Training for SedonaFSU Mastery – October 26, 2017

A quick review of basic SedonaFSU functions for new or potential users, followed by a more in-depth training session on some lesser known features. Explore System Comments, Equipment Replacement, the Search Fields & Inventory Lookup, Service History, Loading-Editing-Saving Documents, and more!



Operations & Metrics Reporting: Powered by Vivid Flex – October 12, 2017

Learn how Vivid Flex delivers advanced reporting in real time. Easily get the numbers you need to monitor operations and make sound business decisions while eliminating manual data preparation, simplifying complex reconciliations, and scheduling automated report delivery.



OPT Exploration – July 27th, 2017

Learn how OPT Business Services solutions can help your company fully utilize SedonaSync – allowing you to focus on managing and growing your business!



Vivid CPM: Analyze Processes to Boost Performance – July 20th, 2017

Using Vivid CPM as a window into your financials to help you easily analyze the performance of your organization.



Step-by-Step SedonaDashboard & Analytics – June 15th, 2017

A start-to-finish guide to downloading, setting up, securing, and using SedonaDashboard & Analytics.



All things Inspections – June 1st, 2017

Creating inspection records on a customer and generating inspection tickets in the service module.
View PowerPoint here.



General Ledger Account Setup – May 18th, 2017

A comprehensive overview of General Ledger Account Setup and best practices.



Customers A-to-Z – May 4th, 2017

Best practices when creating and maintaining customer accounts.

View PowerPoint here.



Job Management Change Orders – April 20, 2017

An overview of change orders and how they can help in managing installations.

View PowerPoint here.



Introducing eForms – April 12, 2017

Learn about eForms and its integration with SedonaOffice. eForms is the newest product on Perennial Software’s SedonaOne platform.



The 5 KPIs Every Security Company Should Know – August 31, 2016

How healthy is your business? Join Perennial Software Co-Founder, Michael Marks, to find out.

Click to View Powerpoint



Time and Attendance Webinar – May 17, 2016

Time & Attendance is a company wide system to track all of your employees time. View the webinar to see an overview of the product.

Click to View Powerpoint



Company Benchmark and Dashboard Webinar – July 14, 2015

Watch this webinar to learn more about the Company Benchmark and Dashboard Program. In its inaugural year, the program is sponsored by SedonaOffice and available exclusively to SedonaOffice clients. All information is reported in aggregate and your company information is confidential.



Job Planner Webinar – June 30, 2015

The Job Planner is a management tool designed to aid in the planning and scheduling of jobs. View this webinar to see the functionality of this tool including: (1) Planning – View upcoming jobs in a Gantt Chart format and adjust their schedule times. (2) Schedule – Create and schedule Job appointments flexibly and easily. (3) Collaborate – Use the Requests mechanism to split the work between a Project Manager and Scheduling Manager.



CPA and Controller Educational Webinar – December 10, 2014

View this webinar to learn important information regarding year end items are covered in this webinar given by Michael Marks. Other topics include: review of SedonaOffice General Ledger, Financial Reporting, Job Costing Strategies and Deferred Revenue.



Bridgestone Printing and Mailing Services Webinar – November 13, 2014

Save hundreds of dollars each month through using Bridgestone’s services. In addition to saving money you will make your billing process more efficient, expedite the delivery of invoices and increase cash flow. Learn why hundreds of SedonaOffice customers use Bridgestone’s services during this short 15 minute video.



SedonaSync Email Invoicing and Statements Webinar – August 26, 2014

Explore the flexibility and features you are looking for in emailing invoices and statements using SedonaSync. Join this webinar to learn how you can automate and greatly increase the efficiency of your company by using OPT Business Services, Inc. events and actions.



Vivid Reports Webinar – July 1, 2014

This webinar focuses on how to harness the data within SedonaOffice. Customizing Financial Statements and and KPI’s have always been a challenge.  In this webinar we will be demonstrating Vivid Reports, and their Excel based reporting tools.  Creating robust and useful reports has never been so easy.



SedonaOffice Release 5.6.219 Webinar – June 18, 2014

View this webinar to learn about the new features in Release 5.6.219, which contained a significant number of enhancements.  Download the Release Notes here.



SageQuest Webinar Total Fleet Management – April 16, 2014

Learn how SageQuests’s total fleet management solution can help you create more revenue per day and improve overall customer satisfaction.  Replace paper and manual processes in the field with state of the art integrated automated reporting, alert and dispatching.  SageQuest will effectively manager your mobile workforce.



Maximize SedonaSync – February 12, 2014

If you have SedonaSync but are short on time to create events you will want to learn about our newest business partner, OPT Business Services. Join this webinar if you would like to learn about the services OPT Business Services provides to SedonaOffice customers including setup, event creation or full administration of SedonaSync within your organization.



Job Management & Scheduling – December 19, 2013

The newest SedonaOffice release adds complete job management and scheduling within SedonaScheduler. Attend this webinar to learn how to use this new functionality. You are going to love these new features.



Parts Update Utility v. – November 21, 2013

Learn about the Parts Update Utility.  Includes information on how to access and download your sales list, direct access to PSA and your personalized sales list, control the conversion of UPC coded to GTIN numbers and more!



WeSuite: From Contact to Contract – October 30, 2013

WeSuite is all about sales estimating software for teams of 3 to 3,000. WeSuite is focused on vastly improving the delivery of sales prospecting efforts, sales estimating, reporting and automating creation of proposal and contract agreements. WeSuite sales management software is key to proactive business improvement through real time sales intelligence, mobile sales software and contract signing software.



Getting Started with SedonaSync – June 5, 2013